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A few thoughts about staying connected during the pandemic…

Back in the day, Plain Old Telephone Lines (a.k.a. “POTS Lines”) were nearly 100% reliable. When the power went out, dial tone did not, since they were powered by the telephone company’s batteries. With competition, came new technologies…

Recently, there have been a number of network outages (Windstream/Earthlink, Comcast, and the list goes on from there). Whether there’s a voice interruption, a data interruption, or both, there are a number of ways to minimize the effects:

  • Call Forwarding/Direct Trunk Overflow: An easy, and sometimes automatic way to have calls temporarily ring at another location
  • Hosted Phone Service: Most Hosted Phone solutions inherently have a built in “simultaneous ring” option, which allows incoming calls to ring at 2 or more places at the same time
  • Load balancing – Combines multiple Internet connections from different providers, automatically allowing for uninterrupted access
  • Wireless – This technology is being used in different ways:
    • Smart phones can be used as a back-up voice option (or land-line replacement)
    • Smart phones can be used for an internet “hot-spot”
    • A Cradlepoint cellular internet router is reasonably priced, and can be programmed for redundant Internet and/or voice service when & if your local provider’s connection fails