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What Can Emendee Tech Do For You?

Bottom line – we save you money...

...By providing the right telecommunications and energy solutions for your organization.

Your telecom and energy costs are a major monthly fixed item in your budget, which can directly impact your company's productivity. My job is to help you run your business in the most cost-effective and efficient manner, while increasing profitability and decreasing costs.

Emendee Tech (pronounced “M and D”) offers independent assessments, recommendations and solutions that work best for my business and your industry. My services include:


  • Coordinating complimentary business energy audits, tying into utility incentives
  • Evaluating current telecom providers & systems
  • Implementing agreed-upon solution(s)
  • Recommending upgrade solutions
  • Recommending telecom providers
  • Upgrading telephone systems
  • Lowering your electricity bills
  • Offering project assistance

Emendee Tech will put the right pieces together for your business.