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In total, Emendee clients have saved Millions of Dollars on their Telecom & Energy Bills!



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Emendee Tech & The Meriden YMCA

Emendee Tech helps cut energy costs

Emendee Tech - Meriden YMCA (video)

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Emendee Solar installation, A Duie Pyle before & after LED’s & the Meriden YMCA going green



Emendee Tech’s solar panel solution paid for themselves in less than 5 years!




before solar panels

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after solar

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How a fixed rate becomes a variable rate…

Some electricity suppliers, including two that affect Emendee clients, have recently increased the agreed-upon fixed rates during the term. Emendee Tech only signs their customers up for fixed rate contracts to avoid any surprises. We have reached out to all of our affected clients, and have already begun implementing other solutions.


A few thoughts about staying connected…

Back in the day, Plain Old Telephone Lines (a.k.a. “POTS Lines”) were nearly 100% reliable. When the power went out, dial tone did not, since they were powered by the telephone company’s batteries. With competition, came new technologies…

Recently, there have been a number of network outages (Windstream/Earthlink, Comcast, and the list goes on from there). Whether there’s a voice interruption, a data interruption, or both, there are a number of ways to minimize the effects:

  • Call Forwarding/Direct Trunk Overflow: An easy, and sometimes automatic way to have calls temporarily ring at another location
  • Hosted Phone Service: Most Hosted Phone solutions inherently have a built in “simultaneous ring” option, which allows incoming calls to ring at 2 or more places at the same time
  • Load balancing – Combines multiple Internet connections from different providers, automatically allowing for uninterrupted access
  • Wireless – This technology is being used in different ways:
    • Smart phones can be used as a back-up voice option (or land-line replacement)
    • Smart phones can be used for an internet “hot-spot”