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Goodwill, 21 locations in CT







Before: 56 Watts
After: 24 Watts LED panels
Results: 57% Energy Savings with a much better look!





Christ the King Parish, Wethersfield, CT







Before: (252) 25-Watt Bulbs (~$1/hour)
After: (252) 3.5 Watt LED’s (~.15/hour)
Results: Better Lighting For 85% Less Cost!




  Before After  




Richard Chevrolet, Cheshire, CT







Before: 1,000 Watt Metal Halides
After: 261 LEDs
Results: 70%+ Energy Savings
with a cleaner, brighter look




  Before After  

Meyer Gage, South Windsor, CT







Before: 56W Fluorescent T-8’s
After: 36W LED T-8 Tubes
Results: 35% Energy Savings with a 30% (Customer-Requested) Lighting Level Increase



  Before After  

Southington Public Library, Southington, CT







Before: (43) 50-Watt Incandescent Bulbs
After: (43) 6-Watt LED Lamps, with Motion Sensors
Results: Over 90% Energy Savings




    Before After    

Stop & Shop, Southington, CT






Before: 455-Watt High Pressure Sodium Lights
After: 96-Watt LED Lighting
Results: Approximately an 80% Energy Savings



  Before After